Humic acid ontario

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Are You Missing One of Nature's Most Important Supplements?

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humic acid ontario

Electrolytes are used by the body's cells to maintain voltages across cellular membranes and to convey electrical impulses to other cells. Fulvic acid helps cells achieve a vital electrochemical balance across and among the body's cells. Fulvic acid can react with both negatively and positively unpaired free electrons to render free radicals harmless, changing them into new useable compounds or eliminating them as waste. Fulvic acid also promotes oxidation-reduction reactions of transition metals that can damage the body's cells and tissues.

Fulvic acid is effective in transforming metals and minerals into readily absorbable forms. It can also bind with organic pollutants pesticides, herbicides to form new types of metal ions, catalyze the breakdown of toxic pollutants, and weather and decompose silica to release essential mineral nutrients. Fulvic acid's low molecular weight helps render cellular walls more penetrable by reducing their surface tension, thus allowing cells to more easily and efficiently respirate, hydrate, absorb minerals, amino acids and other nutrients, and eliminate waste.

Unfortunately, the result is, valuable humic constituents have been removed and left behind! Regarding magnetic poles, opposite magnetic poles N-S are attracted to each other, and identical magnetic poles N-N or S-S repel each other.

Because the fulvic and humic molecules have a natural negative electromagnetic charge they are attracted to the intestinal wall which has a positively charged electrochemical gradient.

Once cells have drawn in these valuable nutrients, the empty ion-exchange points on the fulvic acid and humic acid molecules attract and bind to any nearby positively charged toxins, inorganic metals, and other elements that the cell cannot use or eliminate on its own. These unwanted substances are then safely discarded by the body's system of elimination.

Humic 12 Humic Acid For Lawns Application: Extremely High Rate

VFI refers to the interruption of the binding, fusion, and entry of a virus into a host cell. Depending on its presence in the body, humic acid can potentially interfere in the early stages of viral replication by preventing host-cell attachment or by inhibiting a new generation of viruses from attaching to host cells.

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humic acid ontario

Humic Acid A place to discuss soil fertility and soil amendments. I see everyone on Youtube is jumping on the bandwagon. Of course, LCN is selling it on his online store so I can't help but take his recommendation with a grain of salt, and there's others but you don't know if they're also sponsored or getting the stuff for free or what.

Is anyone actually seeing improvements directly attributable to the use of humic acid? Should I go out and buy some right now?

With that said, there is a general consensus that HA can help improve soil quality in some extreme circumstances. That does it a real disservice.

Per the hype it will do everything and anything, including your laundry. Humic, and even more so fulvic acid acts as a chelating agent and lb per lb has an enormous CEC--it is, of course, the stuff of OM which can help hold and make nutrients available to the turf. My question is how long does it work? I have only put down one application of it in a glandular form right before spring, and i can tell you my grass is definitely greener than anyone else in the area, and i have only just started getting my lawn going as the previous owner only watered and mowed it.

And that was even before i started spraying FAS. Its not super expensive so i think ill keep putting it down, i may look into spraying it once i build a sprayer. Ballistic's Lawn Journal. When there's sufficient available nutrients already in the soil, though, HA yields no incremental benefit.

Now, I'm not saying HA is snake oil, as I bought some earlier this year and intend to use it on my own lawn beginning next week.

It's just that it's effects are waaaay over-marketed, with some being straight up lies. It will make dozens and dozens of spray apps. For the money I thought it was worth a shot to help my crappy, sandy soil.

humic acid ontario

We'll see how it does- I've only applied one app so far. I can not say for sure but I believe that it is working and helping drive roots. I did a video on how long some of the roots in my sod are.It's a great natural product to keep your digestive system in great health - which benefits your entire body. Thank you Vital Humic.

My medical history includes Anemia since my youth and Colitis. Since taking Vital Humic my iron levels are in the normal range first time in my life. Also, there were no inflammatory erosions noted in my bowel with no change in my medications!

Vital Humic™ +

In fact, my Gastroenterologist reduced my anti-inflammatory bowel medication as a result of this improvement. I'm suffering from crohns disease and I have a lot of nasty symptoms I'm currently using humira I've only been taking it for a month and I already see that positive Vital Humic is a vitamin that any patient like me should have in their possession! When my doc did my blood test he was really amazed, he looked at my tumor with a Ctscan.

My immune system is better than ever. Vital Humic has been the missing link in my day-to-day routine. I work as an arborist and am exposed to toxins from chainsaw fuel on a daily basis. Vital Humic helps me expel my toxins, keeping my body clean and energized for my demanding work. We combine beneficial microorganisms that are known to confer a benefit on the host. They can help to balance the microbiome, converting food waste in to energy.

Organic compounds that form as the end result of the natural decay of plant and animal materials. Considered a biostimulant on its own merit, sea kelp is extremely nutrient-dense. It is a great source of natural sugars and provides a carbon food source for microorganisms.

Our formulas undergo a unique transformation process. The raw ingredients are fermented into basic elements, making them more bioavailable. A thermal reaction then ties the elements together into one dynamic molecule. Our humic substances are derived from leonardite, which is formed when organic matter is transformed by microbial and geological processes over millions of yearsBlack Earth Mini-Granule Coarse is made from humalite, the highest quality humus material in North America containing Unlike fertilizers it works to not only benefit the plant now, but also improve soil conditions for the future.

It is made from a naturally occurring type of oxidized coal that is very rich in humified organic matter, humic and fulvic acids, with minimal impurities. Black Earth Mini-Granule Coarse contains humic and fulvic acids, which act as natural chelating agents binding to nutrients in the soil. In combination with fertilization, it allows you to get the most out of your fertilization program and may even reduce the amount of nutrients applied. It will contribute to improving soil quality, texture, water holding capacity and sustainability, while breaking down clay lattices and reducing sodium built up in soils.

In addition, humic and fulvic acids in our MG Coarse perform similarly to the plant growth hormone Auxin, which promotes plant growth and root development.

This results in improved plant health and production of fruits and vegetables. It will also increase and enhance microbial activity aiding in the maintenance of healthy soils. For more information and pricing, contact Greg at elpf. Other applications: Hydro seeding, Turf, Soil remediation, Erosion control, Waste treatment and Mineral feed supplement.

Packaging: 50 lbs bags or 2, lbs bulk totes. Contact: For more information and pricing, contact Greg at elpf. Share Post:. Ecological Farmers of Ontario Conference Ecological Farmers of Ontario Conference — About Post Author.

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Please contact us at info bioag. Phone: Email: info bioag. For Dealers. Search Submit. Welcome to BioAg. Your place to find premium agricultural grade humic and fulvic products and biologicals. We are happy to share our expertise and hope you find our website informative. Humic Acids key player in golf course health Humic Acids are a key player for superintendents and landscape managers dealing with hotter, drier summers as they turn to biostimulants to pre-condition courses.

Ful-Humix is an agriculture grade humic product ideal for turf and available in cold and hot weather formulations.

humic acid ontario

Click to Read…. Scientists conclude humic substances… Scientists conclude humic substances mitigate water stress and promote growth of vegetables. At BioAg we often describe this beneficial effect as a secondary mechanism. Humic substances are known to increase overall root growth, nutrient availability and work beneficially with microbial and fungal activity. Holistic, Respect and Sustainability are terms we strive to live by and we hope you will join us in these endeavors.

All rights reserved.There are virtually no regulations on gardening products. Manufacturers can say just about anything about their products even if the claims are not true. As a result of this, there are useless products on the market. Over the years I have written about many such products.

Humic Acids

This post is a list of all of those products, making it easy for you to find them. For more information on any item, just click on the title link. Bone meal is a organic fertilizer that is routinely recommended for gardens and especially for planting bulbs. It is a good source of phosphorus but most gardens have enough phosphorus.

Most gardeners should not be adding phosphorus. Jiffy peat pellets, also called Jiffy pellets and Jiffy-7, are a convenient way to start seeds. Just add water to the small pellets and they expand, ready for us. This all sounds like a good idea, but how well do plants grow? Are the pellets bio-degradable in the garden? Vitamin B1 is that miracle drug that makes all plants grow bigger especially after transplanting.

It is added to several different kinds of fertilizer and plant additives. Landscape fabric, weed barrier and weed barrier fabric are names for the same product. They also prevent water from reaching your plant roots. The idea of square foot gardening has become popular over the last few years and some of the underlying concepts of the this gardening technique make sense. Buying a plastic box to do this kind of gardening makes NO sense at all.

Unless you have cheap access to fish, other organic fertilizers are a much better buy and offer the same benefits. There are two types of secateurs, also called pruners; bypass and anvil. If you are using an anvil pruner for most of your pruning needs — you are using the wrong tool. There is no doubt that mycorrhizae play an important role in plant growth.


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