Ford transit motorhome review

They offer the chance of fitting all the necessities of a home into a vehicle without feeling too cramped. Both have different features and therefore, have different reasons for going with one or the other to begin your build. After weighing the info below, my personal conclusion was the Ford Transit. But I encourage you to consider your own necessities and weigh the options accordingly to make a decision that best suits you.

Ultimate 4x4 Ford Transit Camper Van Tour - Storyteller Overland Mode 4x4

This includes Mercedes- Benz, Dodge, and Freightliner because they have all been made under Mercedes. Standard Roof:. Cargo Volume- High Roof:. The Sprinter has some incredible features and is very popular in the van life community. This makes it really easy to find layout guides and videos on conversions saving you several hours during your build.

They also have been making Sprinters for years which means you can find older models for a pretty good initial price. However, these vans do need a lot of maintenance and even with that maintenance, prepare to spend thousands on repairs.

You may get lucky and not it, but I highly encourage you to make sure you have a good savings ready for a break down and a pricey repair. Most problems have to be fixed at the dealerships because the software and parts are all exclusively owned by Mercedes.

The dealerships knowing this charge astronomically more money than standard mechanics. My personal opinion and advice: Sprinters are great if you can afford a brand new -ish one. My first van Sprinter along with many others that I know, required thousands in repairs even after necessary general maintenance.

When I broke down, it was also very difficult finding a nearby dealership because we were in the middle of the mountains which meant towing it hours away.

Medium Roof:. The Transit is a newer van to the US market and just starting to make an appearance in the van community. They are slightly bigger and quite a bit taller than the Sprinter which is nice if you are looking for more space.

Winnebago launches Ford Transit-based Paseo camper van

Transits have pretty cheap parts and can be serviced by any local mechanic allowing for really inexpensive repairs on the road.For the last five years, the Mercedes Sprinter has quite literally revolutionized the backcountry RV market, upending longtime offerings like the Ford E The popularity of the Sprinter was so extreme that inventory backlogs extended into the next model year, and industry leaders like Sportsmobile were ordering units at a time the most that MBUSA would allow.

The success made sense, as the new Sprinter drove easier on the road, was quieter, and provided far better fuel economy. With that success came the ire of other manufacturers and an explosion in aftermarket 4WD conversions for the Transit and the Nissan NV series. This week, Ford starts taking orders for the new AWD Transit, and dealerships have been given access to order forms.

For everyone who has been looking forward to buying the new Transit, now is the time. Images courtesy Extrem Fahrzeuge, Germany. My first experience with a Transit was during my adventure in South America, where part of my travel group used a Quigly converted Ford Transit high roof to drive to Ushuaia. It worked extremely well, and showed what was possible with the popular Ford offering.

I have also been fortunate to drive the Sprinter on a few continents and in some remote terrain. The Transit is also available as a cab-chassis, which allows for the installation of an expedition camper or flatbed. This is where the Transit deviates from the Sprinter, which can be specified with an optional low range transfer case. An available low range is an advantage to the Sprinter, as it allows slower overall speeds and greater control in more technical terrain, but the reduction ratio is only 1.

As a result, the perceived advantage is less than reality, and it comes down to math sorry. The Ford speed has a first gear of 4. The axle ratio of both can be specified to 4. The lowest overall ratio available in the Transit is Add in the difference in available torque from the bi-turbo EcoBlue and… the low range of the Sprinter is not quite as magic as first brush reveals. Endless ideas with the Transit, including a very long wheelbase tray bed ute. The Sprinter has almost two more inches of clearance at the lowest point, but that is not intended to be praise for the Sprinter either at 7.

Both vans will need to be lifted to allow larger tires and additional clearance for anything beyond an improved dirt track, muddy road, or snow-covered parking lot. Fortunately, options for lifting both of these vans is available from many aftermarket sources.

ford transit motorhome review

Iglhaut Allrad Converted Mercedes Sprinter shown for comparison. Image Overland Journal. In fact, the new 2. Hopefully that is an indicator of things to come in the Ford truck division. Other considerations is the available dual amp alternators for the Ford, which will expedite house battery charging, and support winching, larger air compressors. Conclusions Based on my time in the field with the two vehicles, including 2WD and 4WD converted Transits, it leads me to conclude that the Sprinter will have a slight advantage off-road, while the Transit will have a notable advantage on pavement.

Given Mercedes declining reliability and Fords increasing quality rankings. Ford is actually the fourth highest J.Formerly known as the Crossfit, the Beyond combines luxury details and practical features on a Ford Transit chassis with dual rear wheels. The result is a stylish camper van with impressive cargo carrying capacity. Coachmen takes great pride in manufacturing its RVs.

The Beyond is no exception; this camper van was designed with plenty of attention to detail. First, Coachmen chose upgraded parts to give owners a smooth and comfortable ride. The Ford Transit chassis was paired with a SumoSprings suspension kit.

SumoSprings help reduce sway and enhance load carrying capacity. In addition, dual rear wheels provide improved handling and towing. More upgrades are found inside this camper van. Fire-resistant, water-resistant Rockwool insulation is standard in the Beyond. This material has great sound absorbing and thermal insulating properties.

On top of that, Coachmen used marine-grade PVC sidewalls another industry first. Finally, the wetbath features a durable one-piece fiberglass shower.

There are three adventure-ready Coachmen Beyond floorplans available. The difference between these two floorplans is the seating.

A lay-flat sofa is found at the rear of the coach in the 22C while the 22D has two facing sofas. The third floorplan, the 22RB, moves the wetbath to the rear of the coach. This frees up space to place the galley at the front of the cabin.

The galley includes a sink, fridge, microwave, and LP cooktop. This combination furnace and water heater is extremely quiet and energy-efficient. Besides these practical features, the Beyond also has several high-end details.

Premium, real hardwood cabinets provide ample storage space. Of course, the reason why anyone buys a camper van is to travel more frequently. There are also numerous built-in safety features for your peace of mind.

ford transit motorhome review

Lane keep assist, a safety canopy system, side-wind stabilization, SOS post-crash alert system, and hill start assist are standard. And the Beyond makes it easy to experience more of the outdoors. Large, frameless windows, an electric awning, plus rear and side screen doors let you enjoy the views. For power needs in remote areas, this B-van includes a standard Watt solar panel with dual charging capabilities. When it comes to hauling your gear, the Beyond boasts impressive cargo carrying capacity.

Depending on which floorplan you choose, the CCC ranges from 1, lbs. Or visit a General RV dealership to see this motorhome in person. Looking for more great B-van options? Check out our inventory of camper vans for sale now. A camper van constructed with care Coachmen takes great pride in manufacturing its RVs.This page is for personal, non-commercial use. When it's time to eat or simply enjoy each other's company no phones while camping!

Three can sit on a forward-facing bench, while the two front seats can swivel degrees to face toward the rear. The Nuggets also offer a fold-out table with two chairs and an awning if it's a nice day to eat outside. Nugget buyers will have the choice of one engine with two specs, a 2. That's paired with either a six-speed manual transmission or a six-speed automatic. According to Ford, new motorhome sales in Europe surpassedunits for the first time and have shown strong grown in recent years.

Ford has not released pricing for the Nuggets, but interested European buyers can see the new camper vans at the Brussels Motor Show going on now. Related Video:. We get it. Ads can be annoying. But ads are also how we keep the garage doors open and the lights on here at Autoblog - and keep our stories free for you and for everyone.

And free is good, right? If you'd be so kind as to whitelist our site, we promise to keep bringing you great content.

Thanks for that. And thanks for reading Autoblog. You still haven't turned off your adblocker or whitelisted our site. It only takes a few seconds. Westfalia helped develop Ford's adorably named Transit Nugget camper van The long-wheelbase version is called the Nugget Plus. Tony Markovich. Share 0 Comments. Image Credit: Ford. Europeans love camper vans and caravans trailers, to us Americans.

And Ford of Europe is once again appealing to a lifestyle that has retained popularity over multiple decades and multiple generations. Ford unveiled the Transit Custom Nugget camper van with an upgraded look, new features, and a fully livable interior to be sold directly through select dealers.

Compare Now. Sign in to post. X Sign in to post Please sign in to leave a comment. View More.Ford boasts that it has topped the van-sales charts in the U. That's pretty remarkable, considering that the E-Series van responsible for most of those sales has only seen four redesigns in its 58 years of production yes, it's still in production, but only in stripped chassis-cab guise.

In the Euro-designed Transit van—then a year-old nameplate that was just starting its fourth generation—became Ford's mainstream van offering in the U. Now, rather than letting the Transit languish for 16 or 27 years like the last two E-Series generations or 31 years like the first-gen British Transit!

A major mid-cycle upgrade for modifies 53 percent of the vehicle and includes two new engines, a new transmission, the option of all-wheel drive, a slew of new driver assistance and safety systems, and a freshening of the interior and exterior that includes 28 new buildable configurations for a total of 92! Will these nips, tucks, and alterations keep Transit at the pointy end of the sales chart? Replacing the base 3. The engine features most of the second-generation architectural upgrades recently applied to the F engines and adds roller-followers to reduce friction in the valvetrain.

The engine can be equipped with two amp alternators to power upfit options as can the twin-turbo 3. For now the naturally aspirated 3. Final power and torque figures were not released as of press time, but given that the 3. Replacing the 3. It features a small turbo that builds boost quickly to eliminate the sense of turbo lag, and a larger one that does the heavy lifting at higher engine speeds.

Cool fact: Its pistons are cast, cooled, and then re-melted in their forms to remove impurities. Output has not been announced, but in the Euro Transit it makes hp and lb-ft—again, a noticeable bump up from the 3. Here again we have a variation on the speed fitted to the F pickups, with modifications primarily to suit the packaging requirements of the van.

The Transit's steering rack location drove a relocation of the controller unit, and the case had to be modified to permit a direct all-wheel-drive power takeoff on the passenger side the F routes torque forward on the driver side, via a bolt-on transfer case. The gear ratios themselves are very close to those in the F This single-speed system is available with either the new 3. A completely new dash provides myriad cupholders, bins, and cubbies, USB jacks, and a choice of full color central screens: 4.

Grab handles ease front ingress without compromising visibility, new vents better direct heated and cooled air, and ergonomics are generally improved. New colors include Ebony Black and Palazzo Gray. Swiveling front seats are available at the request of recreational-vehicle customers with an 11,pound gross-vehicle-weight rating for the chassis-cab, it's a popular RV upfit candidate.

There's also a new five-passenger Crew Van configuration that mounts a three-seat second-row bench in front of a cargo bulkhead, with curtain airbag protection for all outboard passengers a segment first. Strangely enough, the three-across front bench is not available with the rear bench, because the center console design one of three chosen for the Crew Van is incompatible. New grab handles at the rear cargo door provide assistance without reducing the width of the opening.

Standard on all Transits is a FordPass Connect modem offering 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity for 10 devices, and fleet customers can opt for new Ford Telematics and Ford Data Services—a suite of tools to help optimize fleet efficiency with order-to-delivery status reporting, geofencing with alerts, and key performance indicators. It can even report potential fuel waste and provide coaching to reduce it. Managers can get maintenance reminders and vehicle-health alerts, simplifying the process of scheduling service to maximize uptime.

Three new grille designs are tailored to the different variants, with twin-turbo models getting the largest one for improved cooling. These are flanked by revised lights that include high-intensity discharge illumination and LED surround lighting on wagons. Look for the upgraded Transit to start shipping to Ford's 3, dealers including fleet dealers this fall, and with Ford and VW poised to collaborate on commercial vans going forward, we've probably seen the last of multi-decade product cycles.

Watch Originals. Join MotorTrend. Frank Markus Words Manufacturer Photos. Every new Transit cargo and passenger van will get the following as standard equipment:.I average about km per week, the earlier vans have been pretty reliable apart from some egr valve problems with th VMs, wound up blanking them off and ignoring the warning light.

The VO dual rear jumbo is a different story. Turbo at km covered by warranty. Diff at km, just out of warranty and Ford would not come to the pparty even though a few months after I bought it the 5 yr unlimited km warranty was introduced. In a stunning display of technical inc Read more. You can successfully fit a non computerised diesel pump to these vehicles using a cable and no security lock out. The system works well and uses most of the original parts apart from the actual pump. My transit was coverted ito a camper and one a year I tour Europe for aproximately 30, Km.

It hasKm and had no major breackdown. The engine 2. Doesn't consume any oil between changes 15, Km. I had to replace the left hub bearring. I will replace the 4 injectors and the EGR valve to improve the emission and to stop the slight black smock on shifting gears. It is a very reliable vehicle and drives comfortable. The turning radius is not tight due to the front wheel drive and a the long wheelbase.

The passenger door fails to lock sometimes. Purchased in June at Privet sale. This is a great Van, there is room for all your tools you can pretty much customise the back with however you need to work. Gets good fuel mileage too and is super comfortable to drive.

Purchased in March at Private Sale. I have a Ford Transit Winnebago and its been fantastic. I'm the 3rd owner and the vehicle has performed very well. Travelling around Australia, if I do need anything incl servicing, all mechanics know Ford. And parts are easy to get. All the bad reviews are referring to newer models. I wanted to put this here to balance out the bad reviews. Keep in mind, people are more likely to spend time writing a bad review than a good one.

It gives them a vent. I would buy an older Ford Transit chassis again, just the older models. They go forever.

Westfalia helped develop Ford's adorably named Transit Nugget camper van

Won't start! I bought my transit 2nd hand in yearsemi-auto transmission, turbo diesel, with K km on clock. I serviced this car every 10K Km as required. What's the point in having something great to drive if it doesn't work. That should send alarm signals off already. The bad: -Sensors on everything -hard to work on I have enjoyed the two years of owning this vehicle. But at 70,km, the clutch has gone including gear box. Ford Customer Fleet Care has not been helpful at all.With its home-like features and high-quality furnishings, this Freelander Class C gas motorhome is the perfect addition to that family getaway trip you've been planning.

The J-lounge dinette will end up being your favorite spot to put together a puzzle or play a game of cards while you enjoy the aroma of dinner preparations from the two-burner range top.

With the Freelander motorhome you will get a reliable and quality Class C gasoline coach that contains more factory-installed features than anyone else. The Freelander features Azdel composite walls and a fiberglass exterior to keep the entire structure lightweight, and is has been prepped for solar panels to make it easier for you to go off-grid whenever you choose to do so.

LED lighting and high-quality furnishings, like the nutmeg wood grain cabinets and kitchen backsplash, give the Freelander's interior a touch of elegance, and the reclining cab seats will be helpful to have as you make your way across the countryside. Scan this QR code with your smartphone to save this page and have mobile access to this unit's information.

To receive the very best value on this RV, please submit your request below and we'll give you our absolute lowest price.

ford transit motorhome review

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Once you become a Coachmen owner, we are committed to enhancing your Coachmen RV ownership and lifestyle experience… creating friends for life and memories that will last a lifetime. At Coachmen you will find a rich history of commitment from our Team Members.

2020 Ford Transit First Look: Keeping Transit Vantastic

This commitment extends to our owners and in the pride we have for our brand. The close relationship that we share with our owners and our dealers is a quality that others have been trying to mimic over our 50 year history. Our goals and principles remain well in focus. Financing terms may not be available in all Campers Inn locations.


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