Dewalt 40v chainsaw

Man, oh, man did we open a can of worms when we started searching and testing to determine the best battery-powered chainsaw models across a range of applications.

Fast forward to today and cordless chainsaws meet and even exceed gas performance all the way up to and inch models. Pros have more options than ever before. Traditional professional brands Stihl and Husqvarna have outstanding models while cordless powerhouses such as Makita and Milwaukee have produced legitimate options themselves.

Though not as powerful as the Greenworks Commercial 82V, its balance of 40cc power and weight makes it an excellent all-rounder for cordless cutting. We also like the option to use a standard battery pack or switch over to a battery backpack for extended cutting. While there are a lot of options available, we tend to get the best balance of performance and weight in the 60V class.

Our choice for the best battery top handle chainsaw is the Makita XCU The best part is that it comes in with a lower price tag. The saw comes stock with a inch bar, but you can also order the XCU09 if you want the same saw with a inch bar instead. When it comes to the best battery pole saw, our favorites are all multi-head systems. We like the versatility that comes from adding more tools to give the powerhead a better value proposition and justifying its place on the trailer.

When we tested multi-head systemsthis is the one that felt the closest to gas power. In fact, Stihl also has a gas powerhead available if you want to switch back and forth due to ordinance or client preference.

The pole saw attachment has a inch bar and chain, giving you a bit more capacity than the inch models. The introduction of battery pruners with a 4- to 6- inch bar and chain ups the ante. So we picked a couple of each for you. DeWalt launched a line of light-duty OPE for its popular 20V Max platform as a way to give contractors the ability to clear jobsites using the batteries they already have. Those same OPE tools are great for homeowners that need occasional or limited use equipment.

For dedicated lawn care, you might look to the FlexVolt 60V Max line, but this saw is just right for limbing and light felling around your home. It features a inch bar and chain and still has a brushless motor. Not only does it have a very reachable price tag, but Hart also backs it with a 3-year warranty. Lithium-ion cordless tools have always used electronics to regulate battery output, but with the advent of brushless motor tools, greater tweaks can be made between the battery pack and motor.

Computer chip controls within brushless motors can freely convert the voltage to prioritize the current levels needed for balancing high power output with the heat management that is so critical for lithium-ion cells. The tools in our tests range in voltage from 18V to 82V Max. They come equipped with anything from 2. All of the saws we considered reward superior performance over all other considerations.

Creature comfort and accessory features add nice touches, but getting the job done quickly and confidently was our top priority. The other side of the performance equation is runtime. The more work a tool can perform on a single battery charge, the less hassle you have by switching the pack out or waiting for it to charge. Since many chainsaws only come with one battery pack and some chargers can literally take hours to fully charge your battery, runtime is a legitimate consideration.

If you expect to work without waiting to charge, look for saws that have rapid chargers in the kit or at least one available. These range from limbing small branches through felling 3-foot diameter trees, and digging out after hurricanes. We prefer to test chainsaws by crosscutting in green wet wood like their chains were designed for, not in dried construction lumber. The combination of real-world and controlled scenario cutting really puts a saw through its paces.

With the exception of pole saws and pruning saws, most chainsaws are similar in form and share all of the same basic operational features.Choose the 4Ah or the 6Ah package, or no battery at all. Buy from Amazon. Their 40V chainsaws are fantastic! Gas chainsaw are noisy and they spew fumes. Battery powered chainsaws are the future, no doubt about it. What else do you want? The basic package comes with a 3. Before we get into all the details watch this video from Jeff Patterson, who does a great job of showing off what this DEWALT cordless chainsaw can do.

And, he has a great youTube channel will lots of great DIY videos, packed with tips and advice for homeowners. Do you have memories of your dad working out in the garden when you were a small child? Maybe he was mowing the grass, cutting branches off the trees, or even chopping logs in half to throw on your fire. Take the power tools you have available today, for example. Or more specifically, the cordless power tools you can order from Amazon and have delivered in one day.

If you need to carry out any job in your garden, within reason, you have a technologically-advanced power tool to do it.

One of the biggest questions people always ask about them is related to the battery. There are different options out there, so what does Ah actually mean?

Learn more on Amazon. Put them together and Ah would stand for ampere-hour.

dewalt 40v chainsaw

Wikipedia describes an Ampere-hour like this:. Learn more on Wikipedia. Understanding Batteries Watch this Video. As you should already know by now, DEWALT are one of the leading brands in the world when it comes to power and hand tools.

Workmen on building sites, garden care professionals, and normal people like you and I will all use their tools. Their specially designed 40V Max battery pack will work seamlessly in each of their products, so you can buy additional products cheaper without a battery.Gas-free operation eliminates the cold starts, fumes, carburetor issues, and maintenance involved with gas-powered chainsaws. This battery powered chainsaw is built to work hard. Use it for tough construction and outdoor jobs like cutting beams, demolition work, and managing tree limbs.

The lightweight design maximizes user control. Brushless motor technology delivers extreme runtime and long motor life. Nominal voltage is Cordless Chainsaw Tool Only. Share this product:. Service Find Parts Do you own this product? Important Links. To receive your rebate you must include the following: A redemption form completed in its entirety. Download the attached file located at the end of this answer.

Photo copies will not be accepted except for RI residents. It is recommended that you make a photo copy of all submitted materials for your records. Note: To resolve any potential questions or issues regarding your submission, you may be required to mail or fax these copies. To check the status of your rebate please call It has been our pleasure to provide this information.

For additional details, disclaimers and exclusions please read the fine print found on the rebate form. Account Sign In. Email Address. Sign In Forgot Password? Why Join?By BigJackDecember 5, in Dewalt. I'm invested in both 40V and 60V platforms. Is there a difference between the two battery chainsaws? I know they operate at different voltages duhbut voltage doesn't equate to power; watts do. Are there subtle differences between the two units that are not advertised?

I've never looked at the specs of these two products but the reviews show the 54v model throwing chains because of a cheap tensioning system. An 18v platform requires higher amps more heat and stress on the tool and battery to output the same amount of power. I'm not sure what cells are in the latest 18v dewalt tools though as I do not own any 18v batteries.

More heat and more of the battery drained. Your 40v tools in theory should be less efficient than the 60v tools. I think the difference between the 40v chainsaw and the 60v chainsaw would be a bit of a wash but I could be wrong.

AvE totally killed the Flexvolt chainsaw in his YouTube review. Kind of a bummer, as I was stoked to pick one up myself. Method is correct the chain tensioner is bunk and makes the saw shite. We had a stihl chainsaw with a similar tensioning system years ago and it was in constant need of adjusting. I think it's just a poor design regardless of manufacturer.

I recall seeing this on some stihl models only recently also! I have the 60v chainsaw and have used it quite a bit. Its another great tool and havent had an issue but it does use a lot of bar and chain oil.

One noticeable difference between the two is the battery run time.The saw performed really well - much stronger than other Lithium-ion powered saws I have used and I prefer it over my gas powered saw. Recently I decided to get to work — way out in the woods. My adventure involved some tree work in the forest surrounding our cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains of northwest Georgia. Our woods are full of hearty hardwoods and evergreens, which means there is always tree work needed to keep our little forest thriving.

These widow makers had to go. I was really curious to test out the pro-grade Li-ion powered chainsaw from DeWalt. As a good point of reference, I keep a comparable gas-powered saw on hand at my cabin. It seems there is always tree work needed, whether that means clearing roads of deadfall or preparing firewood for next winter. The real question was whether or not the Dewalt 40V Max Chainsaw could keep up in power while still leaving me enough run time to make it worth the price.

I left for the woods with a car full of family and some pretty high expectations. The saw is packaged fully assembled and upon unboxing, my first impression of the saw was very positive. The tool feels well built, sturdy, and all business. The handles are easy to grip and provide stability.

The tool-free chain tensioning mechanism feels well constructed and solid. The bar sheath is really tight and difficult to slide on and off the bar but stays in place nicely. Perhaps with some use it will open up a bit. There are no surprises with the battery charger and I had a full battery ready to go in a few hours. The battery slides into its port easily and locks solidly into place. The bar oil reservoir also includes a visual indicator window so you can check in on bar oil levels to ensure you are running smooth and oiled.

I was really pleased to see the DeWalt 40V Max Chainsaw required very little setup to begin operation.

Like all lithium-ion OPE, there is mercifully no gas to mix or hard to start antics frustrating the process. I have fond memories of watching my father give our chainsaw the what for while tugging away at the starting cord only to hear the saw sputter. The tool-free chain tensioning mechanism is really similar to the one on my gas-powered chainsaw and works really well — simply loosen the lock dial, adjust the chain tension, and tighten the lockout until it clicks.

No tools, no problem. The bar oiler is solid as well and maintains a smooth chain operation. One of my favorite features of this saw is the lack of noise. You can clearly hear the tree beginning to pop and crack before it starts to fall. There is no exhaust blowing in your face making for an all-around safer, more focused operation. There is a safety switch to depress before you can pull the throttle trigger. The chain brake is a noticeable feature, stopping the chain quickly when engaged.

The saw operation is very smooth and powerful. Following that, I turned to trimming the limbs into manageable lengths for a bonfire.

dewalt 40v chainsaw

I still had juice left in the tank or would that be cells? As expected, the Oregon bar and chain performed really well — new chains are the best! I did need to adjust the chain tension after the first series of cuts as new chains often stretch out a little bit after some use. Keep an eye on your chain tension to maintain safe operation.

DeWalt claims the 6 amp hour battery is rated for cuts in 6 x 6 pressure-treated pine. I made about through pine and hickory of various diameters before needing to charge the battery pack.Customer reviews. Write a review.

How are ratings calculated? Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon.

DeWALT Chainsaw Parts & Models

It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. See All Buying Options. Add to Wish List. This page works best with JavaScript. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. You can still see all customer reviews for the product.

Top positive review. Reviewed in the United States on November 1, One reason why I wanted a battery powered chain saw is that I have a hard time starting and keeping a pull model going. I get the pull model started, climb up the ladder and it quits. I really did not want to buy this model because of the weight. That being said, I'm happy that my husband talked me into this model. It is very powerful and the battery life is phenomenal. It does require quite a bit of chain oil, so I keep that handy at all times.

I have not cut down any trees with it yet, but have cut off and cut up over 12" diameter branches. I can go for an hour and still have two thirds of battery power left. Battery charges up in about a half an hour. I can't go much more than an hour without needing a break anyway.

DEWALT FLEXVOLT - Watch This Before You Buy!!

For me, so far, the chain stays on the bar and has a wonderful adjustment and safety feature. Highly recommended. Top critical review. Reviewed in the United States on August 5, Unfortunately I did not have a good experience with this chainsaw or Dewalt. I followed directions including checking chain tightness before the first use.

Within the first cuts battery was still reading fulling charged the chain cut into the plastic cover between the chain and the motor. Lodged itself and warped the plastic so that it would catch if I tried it again. I assumed it was my fault and may not have tightened the chain enough.

Ordered a replacement cover part from Dewalt. They failed to ship the part after 3 weeks. I contacted online support and was told they could not help and I had to contact the local shipping center directly.It has often spent time developing the brand, and will want something that fits it, so that's your clue.

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DEWALT Cordless Chainsaw Reviews | Professional Quality

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dewalt 40v chainsaw

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dewalt 40v chainsaw

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